About the SCVFD 

The Snow camp Fire Department is made up of 7 Full-time and Part-time staff, the department also has 30+ volunteers. Were made up of 4 different stations around our district. The Fire Chief works M-F 8-5. The other paid staff works alternate schedules, ranging from 12 hour to 24 hour shifts. Volunteers respond to any and all emergency and non-emergency calls throughout the day and night. The SCVFD has training every Tuesday night starting at 7pm. 

Member Roster 

Chief-Gene Wellons 
Asst.Chief-Bill Bischoff
Safety Officer- Jeff Petway
Capt.-Kyle Hall 
Capt.-Jeff York 
Capt.-Wes Shrock 
Capt.-Darren Jenkins 
FF-Clay Thompson
FF-C.W. Price
FF-Howard Mabe 
FF-Susan Wills 
FF-Jeff Nash
FF-Steven Scott 
FF-Donald Mabe 
FF-Jimmie Holiday
FF-William Riley
FF-Heather Hall 
FF-Chris Montel 
FF-James Foust
FF-Franklin Clapp 
FF-Kenneth Walker 
FF-Wesley Terwilliger
FF-Jason Sharpe 
FF-Gerry Boone 
FF-Greg Roten 
FF-Payton Doss 
FF-Dustin Morton 
FF-Tyler Bowden 
FF-Jarrett Walker  
FF-Michael Thompson 
FF-T.J. Watkins
JFF-Faith Stewart 
JFF-Sean O'Shields 

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